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Creating Value for Tomorrow
Hitachi Plant Construction integrates the technology and experience it has amassed with digital technologies for the purpose of creating value for tomorrow.
Message from the President
As Worksite Professionals
We provide comprehensive engineering, construction, and service capabilities which leverage the experience and technologies in plant construction cultivated on various worksites.
Business Domains
Technologies Supporting Professionals
Our company maximizes the use of ICT technologies to efficiently manage all work processes.
Technical Information
Safety as a Requirement of Business
Everyone carries themselves with a high sense of safety in the work done on a daily basis to protect both themselves and their colleagues.
Backed by Our Technological, Construction, and Worksite Capabilities
Hitachi Plant construction has positioned its human capital as its top management resource and strives to sustain and improve technical capabilities according to its comprehensive human resource development policy.

News Release

  • Hitachi Plant Construction, Ltd. Announces the Change of President[ Japanese ] / [ English
  • An article about interview about “Large Band Saw” was posted on the “Energy Highlights” (Website about social innovation)[ English ] / [ Japanese
  • We conducted the presentation at the symposium “39th Construction management research presentation and debate”Subject;“A research on extraction of expert know-how by eye-gaze measurement at plant construction sites”
  • We conducted the presentation as the member of NIED (Natl. Res. Inst. for Earth Sci. and Disaster Prevention )at the symposium “17thWorld Conference on Earthquake Engineering” Subject; “Three-dimensional seismic isolator by fluid levitation and its performance experiments with E-Defense”
  • We conducted the presentation at the symposium of JSCE(Japan Society of Civil Engineer ”46th civil information symposium”Subject; “A research on application of VR education system to the periodic inspection for plant”

Business Overview

Company Information