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Message from the President

Yasunori Inada

Hitachi Plant Construction, Ltd. strives to uplift the basic Hitachi Group corporate philosophy advocating “和” (WA, harmony), “誠” (MAKOTO, sincerity), and a “開拓者精神” (KAITAKUSYA-SEISHIN, pioneering spirit). As a member of the Hitachi Group, we will carry ourselves with pride embodying a corporate philosophy that aims to contribute to society through excellent and distinct technologies and products. Our engineering and workmanship in social and industrial infrastructure worldwide will contribute to the creation of value for tomorrow with the aim to become a leading company always conscious of safety through extensive experience and sophisticated technologies.

We have worked to consistently provide engineering, construction, and maintenance through advanced construction and installation technologies, since our founding, to various power plants, substations, and other energy plants as well as chemical, steel and other industrial plants both in Japan and overseas. These efforts have contributed to the development of industry and the betterment of people’s lifestyles worldwide. Capitalizing on digital technologies and VR (virtual reality), we simulate installations and maintenance, develop dedicated equipment to drive efficiency on worksites, and address customer needs in many other ways in an endless pursuit of new technologies.

As Climate change is a critical global issue nowadays, we human are engaging in a wide range of initiatives that aim to achieve a carbon-neutral society. Our businesses are largely made up of stable energy with high environmental value, such as nuclear power, hydraulic power and power grids, as well as industrial infrastructure. We will not only continue to work to develop new technologies but also largely contribute to society in the pursuit of decarbonization via engineering, construction, renewals, maintenance, and various other businesses.