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Digital Transformation Initiatives

Digital Transformation of Hitachi Plant Construction

Hitachi Plant Construction is digitalizing its work processes and undertaking a digital transformation (DX) as ICT Construction®. These initiatives integrate extensive experience and knowledge cultivated on site and the latest digital technologies for everything from engineering to work plans, installation, and maintenance services after completion to provide new value-added design and construction.
We help solve the challenges our customers face through ICT Construction®.
*ICT Construction® is a registered trademark of Hitachi Plant Construction

ICT Construction<sup>®</sup>

Practical Examples of ICT Construction®

Installation Plans Using 3D

Digital Lifting Simulator
Digital Lifting Simulator

ICT Construction® creates plans using 3D by building a virtual space that integrates 3D models of equipment into spatial data (point cloud data) measured using 3D lasers, and then simulating the flow of various installations within that virtual space.

Remote Management Using Networks

Remote Management
Remote Management

ICT Construction® will even help support work during the pandemic by connecting the head office, worksites, and customers using communications technologies, such as 5G (coming in the future) so that skilled engineers can provide guidance, remote witness inspections with customers, and so much more.