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Privacy Policy

Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Hitachi Plant Construction protects personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy below. The Privacy Policy defines rules and regulations as well as establishes a management system with the utmost effort to properly protect personal information.

Definition of Personal Information

Hitachi Plant Construction defines "Personal Information" as information about a living person pertaining to the items below which can identify a specific individual, including information that can identify a specific person by easily collating that information against other information, such as that attained by accessing a personal information database. Personal Information includes not only the name, gender, date of birth, and other information that can identify an individual, but also all other factual, determinative, and evaluative information attributed to a specific individual, such as physical attributes, personal assets, occupation, and standing, including information made available to the public by evaluation data, publications, and other means even in video or audio formats regardless of whether said information is encrypted.
Furthermore, any information about a deceased individual which also pertains to family and other living individuals is also handled as personal information.
Living individuals is not only limited to Japan nationals but everyone from around the world. However, legal entities and other organizations are not considered individuals and therefore information about legal entities and other organizations is not designated as personal information.

  1. Information provided by users to Hitachi Plant Construction on the Contact Us and other pages of this website
  2. Any other information than the above provided by users to us through this website

Privacy Policy

Hitachi Plant Construction has defined rules and regulations as well as a management system to protect personal information. The Privacy Policy below has been put in place as an effort to properly protect personal information.

  1. Collection, use, and provision of personal information
    Hitachi Plant Construction establishes a management system to protect personal information tailored to the attributes of each business and properly collects, uses, and provides personal information in accordance with prescribed rules and regulations considering the customer information handled in our business activities.
  2. Legal and regulatory compliance
    Hitachi Plant Construction handles personal information by adhering to all laws, ordinances, and other regulations on the protection of said personal information. We have also formulated rules to protect and manage personal information which conform to these laws, ordinances, and other regulations.
  3. Implementation of safety measures
    Hitachi Plant Construction manages access to personal information, restricts personal information from being taken off premises, prevents unauthorized access from external sources, and carries out other measures in an effort to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, and leaks in accordance with information security rules and ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.
  4. Respect of individual rights to personal information
    Hitachi Plant Construction respects the rights of individuals to their personal information and responds in good faith to any requests from individuals for disclosure, correction, deletion or cease of use and provision of their personal information.
  5. Formulation and ongoing improvements to rules and regulations to protect personal information
    Hitachi Plant Construction raises executive and employee awareness about the importance of protecting personal information and has formulated and rolled out rules on management for the protection of personal information in order to properly use and protect personal information. We also maintain and continually improve these rules.

Request to Customers

Hitachi Plant Construction provides its services to customers by collecting almost no personal information. However, please be aware that some services require customers to provide some personal information. Please also note that Hitachi Plant Construction cannot assume responsibility for ensuring the safety of personal information on third-party websites linked to from its own website. Customers agree to the Privacy Policy by entering any personal information on this website.


  1. The Privacy Policy has been written in accordance with the laws of Japan.
  2. Hitachi Plant Construction updates the Privacy Policy on this page to achieve an even higher level of personal information protection in accordance with new and amended laws, governmental and ministerial ordinances, and other rules and regulations. Please check regularly for revisions to the Privacy Policy.
  3. The Privacy Policy goes into effect on the date of publish or update.

Inquiries Regarding Personal Information Protection

  1. Please use the contact information below to request disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, cease of use, cease of provision to third parties, or notification about the usage purposes (hereinafter "disclosure, etc."), to make a complaint, or to inquire about anything else related to personal information held by Hitachi Plant Construction.
  2. A fee will be charged for the actual costs incurred for the disclosure of personal information. However, no fee is charged for the correction, cease of use, addition, or deletion of personal information.

Before an Inquiry

Please carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions in our Privacy Policy before contacting us. Please contact us using the contact information below only if you agree to our Privacy Policy. Any personal information sent using the inquiry form below is deleted after responding to the inquire. Hitachi Plant Construction does not retain any of this personal information.

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