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Business Domains

Business Domains

Hitachi Plant Construction builds and connects the social and industrial infrastructure essential to people's lifestyles by delivering clean power plants without CO2 emissions, substations broadly providing power from those plants, railroad equipment supporting society using that energy, and other equipment through engineering, construction, and services.

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Renewable Energy Business

Substation Business

Nuclear Power Business

Industrial Businesses

Traffic Business

Business Range

Business Range

Analysis and System Development

Hitachi Plant Construction utilizes its wealth of experience and expertise in technical support and consulting in a variety of industrial product fields, including not only plant design and production but also plant equipment, automotive components, and medical devices to provide analysis and assessment services using proprietary Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) applications in the pursuit of the performance requirements for various products.
We use the latest Information Communication Technologies (ICT) to develop (design/fabricate) our own communication and power supply infrastructure, including building safe, high-speed private networks. Hitachi Plant Construction leverages this infrastructure to develop highly flexible and reliable wireless remote machinery, equipment, and tools.


Hitachi Plant Construction uses 3D-CAD to examine feasibility, set maintainabilty and safety requirements, and create detailed designs of ancillary equipment, such as equipment and piping as well as electric, instrument, and HVAC systems. Even in terms of installation plans, we work with the installation departments to design effective and safe installation methods and tools. As a comprehensive pipe manufacturing plant, Hitachi Plant Construction strives to produce high-quality products and enhance new materials and other leading-edge technologies using automated bending technologies for medium to large pipes as well as various welding robots. This is how our company tackles not only the broad demands of public facilities but also general industry.

Installation and Preventative Maintenance

Hitachi Plant Construction not only assembles turbines, generators, substations, and other large-scale equipment but also installs machinery and pipes as well as electric and HVAC equipment for circulation mechanisms of the main system. We also prepare plant infrastructure in Japan of course, in addition to installing various other equipment underpinning social infrastructure overseas. Moreover, Hitachi Plant Construction works with design departments and affiliate companies to combine our construction and management capabilities at the right price using the optimal methods to satisfy customer needs with safety first as a core philosophy.
Our other installation efforts for critical equipment of various energy systems are founded in many years of experience and expertise to ensure the soundness of equipment related to various equipment modifications, renewals and maintenance.

ICT Construction®

ICT Construction® uses and visualizes a digital twin linking real and digital data from engineering and construction though maintenance and regular inspections after completion. This effort contributes to the success of highly efficient designs, construction and optimal commissioning through co-creation with each customer.
*ICT Construction® is a registered trademark of Hitachi Plant Construction.